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Metal steel coil sheet cut to length line coil slitting machine run in Italy

2023-07-13 14:16:56


1. Introduction
The 0.5-1.25-1500 slitting line adopts AC speed regulation system and hydraulic control. After the raw materials are divided into rolls and slitting, they are wound into rolls according to a certain tension.
2. Main parameters
2.1 Production sheet: cold sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet
2.2 Feeding material specification and weight
   Thickness: 0.5—1.25mm
   Width: 1500mm
   Inner diameter of roll: F508mm
   Outer diameter of roll: ≤1000mm
   Roll weight: ≤5t
2.3 Maximum camber bend of coil: ≤ 2mm/m
2.4 Cutting technology performance:
Shearing width tolerance: ±0.05mm


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